Bob Turan

Contemporary Sculptures 

BEAVER LANE STUDIOS  -  Bob Turan © 2018

Kinetic Squares, Triangles and Circles

This kinetic work is based in part on my previous “Music of the Squares” series. Here “Square Dance” takes the cube-within-a-cube concept and expands it to heroic proportions. It also changes what was a static, internal cube into a kinetic form that is now driven by the wind. This entire structure is situated upon a square, pyramid-styled base to complete the work.

It is fabricated of steel, stainless steel and aluminum and mounts to a concrete pad. The finished work is 10 feet tall, by 5 to 6 feet wide, and weighs about 500 pounds.

This piece is for sale, for more information contact me.

2018 - State University of New York, Owegeo, NY

2017 - DownEast National Sculpture Exhibition, Greenville, NC

ARTsites 2015-16 in Howard County at the General Hospital, Elliott City, MD.          

Square Dance