For more than 35 years, I’ve worked with management and marketing clients on strategic programs that actually got meaningful results. From healthcare to manufacturing, from engineering to science, I have been able to tell compelling stories that translate arcane and complex issues into  understandable marketing content. You could say I am a cross-professional integrator and tactical problem solver, who can remove the roadblocks.
A Creative Catalyst able to make things happen.

The Teams
I’ll work with your team to help drive better results or support them as needed with my own associates. Since each project is unique - whether Video, Website, Marketing or User Experience Design - the team is strategically composed as needed from a core of proven and dependable professionals. This allows an agile, tailored approach to the project while keeping costs on track.

Let’s talk –
Give me a call or drop me a note. Together we can make things happen.  518-424-0698 or email me at

Going in circles? 

 Maybe you need a new perspective and some creative thinking. 
A collaborative approach that can actually make things happen.
​Perhaps you need a Creative Catalyst, someone who can work with your team to help get some new results.

Ever have a business issue that just went nowhere?
It was discussed…  argued…  adjusted or “fixed”… but

still you wound up back where you started.

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